Personalized acoustic, electric and bass guitar lessons
Guitar Lessons of Sarasota offers personalized lessons for acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Our number one concern is with customer satisfaction and the musical growth of all of our students. The first meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the student’s musical background, current goals, musical tastes, interests, and expectations of taking lessons. From this information we will then seek to formulate a curriculum with each individual’s desires and goals in mind.

Take lessons at your home with house calls or via Skype
We give you the option to take personal, private lessons from the comfort of your own home. We will come to your house in the Sarasota area with our house calls option, or, come to you live over the internet anywhere in the world via Skype. For more information, please contact us at the contact page.

Many styles from which to choose
We seek to customize our guitar and bass lesson plans toward the student’s goals and styles, while still covering the foundational elements one needs to be a proficient player. Whether you want to learn the blues, or some face melting heavy metal guitar, we are willing to formulate the proper curriculum to instruct and lead you down the musical path that you desire.

Examples of specific types of study we offer

*Heavy Metal
*Lead guitar for rock, blues or metal
*Rhythm guitar for electric or acoustic guitar
*Slap bass
*Music theory for guitar or bass
*Live online lessons via Skype



Personal yet professional atmosphere
Lessons once a week is recommended for beginners, though every one is different and we view each student individually. Intermediate to advanced students may benefit from Bi weekly lessons, as could very motivated beginners. These decisions are left up to the student, or their parents, and only in rare circumstances will we make recommendations that a student attend more then once a week. We do prefer that students do attend at least once a week, especially for beginners, because the beginning stages are so important to developing a proper playing technique. We do not require a set amount of practice time per week, but we do strongly encourage practicing at the least three to four times per week. How fast any student will progress is really dependent on how much effort and practice the student is willing to put in.

GLS Studios

In addition to lessons we also offer an online service that allows you to get custom tailored, written and recorded guitar and bass tracks without the headache of travel, studio booking, hiring and paying a session musician, and all the other expenses and hurdles of traditional studio situations. With this system everything can be sent entirely over the internet. This is a very convenient, low overhead alternative that is great for hobby producers and busy professionals alike. Your satisfaction is our priority. Take your original, custom recorded songs to the next level with professional guitar and bass studio tracks.

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