Zoom G3 Multi Effects Pedal nails “the Shimmer” Tone

I am so very impressed with the latest multi effects pedal released by Zoom. Sure Zoom kind of has the reputation of being a bit cheesy and toy likeĀ  with there products, but the G3 is definitely no toy! I have owned many multi effects units of the past and it is rare for any to be able to do the coveted “Shimmer” tone. It seems most multi units struggle in the pitch shifting tracking department. The Line 6 Pod HD/M series has a dedicated effect that does the shimmer, and it sounds great. But I am unsure how the actual pitch shifting effects in the HD’s tracks. I know the Boss GT-10 has a real struggle, as does the Digitech Rp series. The older G7.1ut did pretty good in the tracking department too if I remember correctly.

Pitch Delay

What the G3 has at the core of the shimmer tone is a “Pitch Delay.” This is an effect that shifts the pitch on the delay signal to whatever value you dial in. This effect is really cool. I know the Digitech “TimeBender” has a similar effect, as does the Eventide “PitchFactor.” The G3’s pitch shift tracks fairly decently, which is cool because most of the multi effects processors usually fall short in the tracking department.

HD Reverb; Lusciousness!

Every good shimmer tone needs a good reverb, and the G3 truly serves up a full, lush, juicey reverb. The G3’s reverb department has many great choices, but the one I am favoring is the HD reverb. Its so lush, full, and present. Its hard to explain, but the videos I have been post show exactly what I am talking about. The HD verb has a certain cloudy modulation to it and almost a shimmer, or octave up quality to it.

Even thought the G3 only offers 3 effects at a time it has a whole selection of 2 in 1 effects. Combo’s that are excellent pairs, my favorite of which is the Delay and Reverb 2 in 1. Both the delay and the reverb are incredible useable in this pair. Once again the reverb is juicy, full and spacious.


Joseph Leslie · March 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

Nice demo but the problem is I cant seem to find the shimmer patch… Can you please email it to me bro? thanks and God bless

    Guy Capuano · March 20, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Sorry, I never did save the shimmer patch, but I explain how to create it in the video.

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