Zamar Effects Boutique pedals built right here in sunny Sarasota Florida.

At Zamar Effects we are dedicated to providing you with the highest of quality hand crafted effects with the option to customize, tweak, or mod to your heart’s desire. Something we feel that sets us apart from the other boutique builders around is that we offer the option for you to custom design the appearance of your pedal. This means that we can produce your pedal with any graphic, layout or color scheme you desire. Shipping is currently available in the US. Most pedals are built on order though we may have a very small selection of pedals on hand at any given time.

We specialize in Overdrives, Boosts, and Compressors

We specialize in overdrives, boosts and compressors. At Zamar effects we are serious about tone. And we hold drive in the highest regard. That is why we have spent time careful examining and studying the different Drive circuits that are available. Some of our absolute favorite pedals to build and play include the Fulltone OCD, Hermida Zendrive, and of course the Paul Cochrane Timmy.

We can great Graphics for you, or apply your digital images to your custom built pedal

Some of our pedals

We are here to serve you and provide the service of allowing you as much creative input as you desire. Of course we have standard layouts as usual, but if you want to get creative, or say would like to put a picture of your Football teams logo on your pedal, or design the knobs and paint color scheme to match your school colors, we will gladly do this for you.








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