The Comparison

I Have heard some things concerning the new Walrus Audio Voyager pedal. Things like it is a Klon circuit, or an “improved” Klon circuit. So I decided to put it next to my Klon clone I built. My clone is a shameless, part for part clone of the Klon, no shame here. Putting the 2 side by side I will have to say if it is a Klon clone they left the better part at the door. Now I understand How some boutique companies need to tweak circuits so as not to get a bad rap and all. But I think the Klon is one circuit that all so called “improvements” are always gonna fall short. Its definitely not broke, so dont try to fix it.

My honest opinion

One thing to add is my clone is a part for part copy, including the amazing buffer, and I think the voyager is true bypass. With youtube compression you cant really hear too much of a difference, but in person it was night and day. The Voyager being very thin, tinny, almost metallic sounding.



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