I remember 8 years ago a friend was explaining to me this new way of paying for things online called “Paypal.” I was intrugued and a little nervous about this. While since then Paypal has only gotten stronger and now I even accept payments for my business with it. It is a very convenient way to pay and get payed.

The internet is flooded with online communities were you can just about find a forum or 10 dedicated to anything imaginable. On these forums you can find other people who are just as passionant and knowledgeable about your given subject. Lots of times you can find others to learn from on there. And with music, particularly guitar, there is also a 24/7 online swap meet of buying, selling and trading gear going on. On forums such as The Gear Page, Harmony Central and many others selling, buying, and trading gear is a snap and can be very enjoyable.

The most common way to pay for goods is paypal. And because they are all “private sales” There are some guidelines I would Like to share with you to hopefully keep you from some sticky situations, oir even getting ripped off. These guidelines pertain to useing paypal in general, Private sales to be more specific, and dont necessarily have to be about music gear. THese guidlines apply to anything you may sale or purchase using paypal.

Paypal “Private Sales” Guidelines for buying

1. Dont use the “gift Option”

Seriously, saving a few bucks is not worth the peace of mind that paypals “buyers protection can offer you. Also its ebatle, but it may even be a little dishonest using the “gift” option, as popular as it is, when buying things from people you dont really know.

2. Ask Questions up front

Be sure to get as much info on the product as you can think of. What condtion it is in, what accesories it comes with etc etc. There is nothing worse than broken expectations.

3. Write on the Paypal transaction

Be sure to mark the title of the transaction. When you go to send money there is a spot to write. Be sure to mark the title and in the message box fill out the details you ahve discussed with the seller from number 2.

4. Ask the Seller for a time frame of shipping

Be sure to ask the seller when they can ship the product. I try to do this before I finalize the purchase and send the money. You may even add this into the descrip[tion box as you are sending the money if you feel a little sketched about the transaction. Like wise it may be a good idea to ask what shipping service they plan to use. No one likes to what on USPS “Parcel Post”, which can take weeks with the right scenario, and the savings is miniscule compared to the swift andf speedy delivery of the USPS “Priority” shipping service.


These are some guidelines I feel strongly about. I hope they are helpful to someone.

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