Whats a Tone Weal ??

I recently snagged a Tone Weal GT-1 digital reverb of Ebay. I could not resist with all the different kinds of delay this pedal has on hand, cheap price tag, small foot print and true bypass switching! First thing I found out was the Tone Weal line of budget digital pedals is available in the US through Sam Ash as there “Gravesend” line of pedals.


Apparently the Tone Weal guys in China hooked up with Sam Ash and now Sam Ash is selling them as there kind of “in house” brand of pedals. The Gravesend line of pedals includes the DR1 “Digital Reverb” the MM1 “Multi Modulator” and the DL1 “Digital Delay.” These can be ordered direct from Sam Ash or purchased in their store for $99.99 to $119.99 . These pedals seem to have the goods, feature packed, true bypass, small footprint and a small price tag!

Modulate, Crystals, Gated  O my

Any time a reverb pedal has modulate settings it instantly gets my attention, add Gated/Reverse and Crystals and I am gonna have to buy it. As soon as I got it a shot a quick video showing each of its settings briefly. The first thing I noticed is its normal reverbs suck very bad, as I expected. On first listen the modulate sounds great, the Crystals is decent and the Gated is very nice. Since my first listen and shooting the video I have used it live with a band and have to say its pretty crappy, glitchey as far as the verbs go. Even the modulated verb, which has like a deep phaser on it and it kind of bottoms out at times. What I mean is it almost sounds like it hiccups or craps out somehow. The Hall also as this kind of weirdness going on. Of course my ears are very finely tuned and its very possible the normal ear would not hear any of this glitchyness. Also when engaging the modulated setting it seems to boost the signal in a way that is very unpleasing. I am not sure if it does this in all the modes, as modulate was the main one I used in a live setting.

Crystals “Shimmer”

In my opinion the Crystals setting is the greatest aspect of this pedal. its very useable. Plus I dont know of any other true bypass reverb pedal with shimmer near this price range. Also the “gated” setting almost touches “Early reflections” territory. Very very nice. Plus I opened it up and looked inside and the workmanship looks to be of the same quality as the Made in New York Electro harmonix pedals that I am such a fan boy of. The build quality is excellent.


I would say definately get this pedal if you are looking for an inexpensive way of getting the Shimmer type tone with a true bypass pedal.


Here is the insides of this pedal


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