Is the buzz true?

So the buzz amidst the boutique guitar effects pedals community is that the Danelectro Cool Cat transparent overdrive pedal is an exact clone of the famous and highly esteemed Timmy overdrive pedal, built by Paul Cochrane. Their are even a few threads at the DIY guitar pedal builders forums of guys reverse engineering each and finding that the Danelectro is an exact copy. As I have always been a little unsure of this subject, though I am a long time Cool Cat Transparent overdrive user. I recently had the opportunity to use a Timmy right in the comfort of my own studio. I will say at first impression I really was disappointed with the Timmy and was feeling like the Cool Cat had so much greater tone. So did the guy who owned the Timmy and was also involved in this study.

Is the exact same tone achievable with each?

Once I was able to adjust my brain to dial in the right settings with the Cool Cats funky and inconvenient concentric knob set up I eventually broke through and found the Timmy’s sweet spot, almost around the same place as the Cool Cats knobs, once the proper adjustments are made from the concentric knob mind set. It was stunning really. Yes, EXACT same tone. My buddy sat there, just paid $200 for his Timmy, and BOOM, exact same tone from my $40 Cool Cat pedal, so cheap I just happened to have 2 in my possession usually.
This Particular Timmy has a dip stick on the front of it that has 3 settings on it, 2 of which we both agreed were not very good, and the other being the sweetness. I don’t remember at this time which setting it was, I think all the way back. What I do remember is one setting being a little heavier of a gain, almost Blues Driver 2 like, and the other one reminding me of a Tube Screamer with the dip stick set to take out any LED clipping stage. I could be way off, but at this point this is how i remember it.
I really love the Cool Cat TOD, and always assumed the Timmy was the same thing, but now I know for sure.

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