Hey everyone, I got in the new Pitch Fork Octave generator pedal yesterday. I have put together a few demo videos showing a very small amount of what this pedal can do. I literally only EHX Pitch forkspent a few minutes with this pedal before shooting these demos. This pedal deserves alot more exploration. The creative possibilities this pedal offers is gigantic! Not only does it do a great whammy effect, it can also do up and down octaves at the same time. Oh it can also handle chords because its POLYPHONIC. It does have a very minimal amount of digital artifacts when doing some funkier chords. It will also handle the territory of what the Micro Pog does, with the lack of individual volume settings between both octaves. It also takes the glissando (Gliss) effect from the HOG and Superego, with the upside being its an extremely pedal board friendly footprint. I love the Hog, but it is Gigantic, and it usually requires a few other pedals to function properly for live use. The gliss effect is very cool, it does have a weird PLOP type thing when it switches off back to true pitch. Its a little glitchy in that regard, unlike the HOG which is the KING of the gliss in my opinion.


IMG_7682Here are the first couple of demos I shot yesterday, in the guitar videos I am using a Gibson Les Paul into a Laney Cub 12r with a greenback. For the bass demo I am using a Ibanez SR900FM into Amplitube 3 ampeg model bass amp sim. The expression pedal is the standard M-audio EXP, same as the expression pedal for the HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator.


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