I’m told there is nothing as wonderful as the thrill of getting a new guitar. Opening the case, breathing in the new guitar smell, collecting the included “case-candy”. Knowing that you are the first person to ever own this guitar – that it is yours and it’s in perfect condition. At least that is what I am told, I wouldn’t know from personal experience.

I bought my first guitar, a $50 starter guitar from Facebook of all places. It was enough though to unleash an addiction to guitars and all things related. A year later I no longer have the $50 Strat, gave it to a friend to hopefully start their obsession, but I am very happy with my collection of guitars. I have managed to obtain a variety of guitars of varying quality, from a lesser known 70’s vintage to a Gibson SG Standard with the P90’s I always wanted, and surprisingly for a total investment of less than the retail value of almost any single one of my guitars.

How? Well is wasn’t by going to my local music store and paying full retail. Guitars, unless they are older collector items, depreciate in value as soon as you buy them. For the beginning guitarist who has not played enough guitars to know which one(s) are truly the right fit for them, or the aspiring musician on a budget, finding out the guitar you just bought is not exactly what you wanted can be an expensive proposition if you are buying them new.

I realized the best way to get the guitar(s) I wanted was to buy them used and so began my journey into the world of Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, yardsales and Kijiji. It led me to learn about buying, selling and trading guitars and gear. I also had to learn about patience. In the end I owned about 40 guitars that I didn’t end up liking – some that I thought were my dream guitar – and all on a small budget.

Anyone can do this, if you have a desire to learn about guitars and have a little spare time to invest and I would love to show you how.

Written by Michael Zelle



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