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Hello internet world. I have been using the GT-10 for quite a while now and have spent lots of time tweaking and experimenting with this unit. I have used it direct to a PA using the amp models and speaker simulations, I have used it for studio recordings, and most I of all I have used it as a  pedal board/effects only into a clean amp bypassing the amp models and all that. I will take this moment to share with you a few of the tips and tricks that can make all the difference with you tone.

Setting your output & FX loop levels

I don’t use the amp models much any more and I mainly use the GT-10 for effects only into the front end of a clean/slight breaking up tube amp. With dirt boxes in the stomp loop. I set the dirt boxes second or 3rd in the signal chain with the compressor first, OD/dist 2nd then the fx loop. This makes it so my dirt boxes are in the perfect place of the fx chain.(see pictures below) The default volume level of the fx loop should be pretty decent, so it should not require much tweaking, but if it should need tweaking you want to get it to unity gain. (meaning the signal before and after the fx loop is the same volume)


Also you want to set the output level of the GT-10 to unity gain, as pointed out by the green tape in the picture above. I like to use colored tape to mark out certain levels and knob positions and what not. It works out good because its not permanent and can be taken off or repositioned at any time. Also you can write on it to make additional marks say for different guitars or amps should you need to. Also you want to make sure your output level is set to -10 not +4 DB when using the GT-10 in this way.


As the different situations and circumstances I am in have allowed me to be able to use a tube amp, if your situations or circumstances have you running direct to the PA the GT-10 works great in that situation as well. I personally think it sounds great in this application live. Opposed to some of the other multi effect box choices availble which sound great recorded but get drowned out or soaked up in the mix in a very bad way. Its almost like the GT-10 was designed to be used that way live.


The GT-10 is a fairly complicated unit and even these simple things can have a dramatic effect on your tone. stay tuned for more tips and tricks as we dig deeper into the depths of this unit!

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