Auxiliary BPM Synchronization PedalTapestry Audio Time Traveler

The Time Traveler is a MUST Have for anyone who uses multiple delays, or time based effects on their pedal board. This nifty pedal Has the ability to to store BPM presets and comes with 2 or 3 output options. I have used, and even built, normal multi out tap tempo pedals. The problem was they never seemed to sync multiple pedals well. So initially I was skeptical about the Time Traveler. It only to a few moments of having it plugged in to make me a believer.

Syncs 2 Delays Excellently

I decided to grab the two greatest delays money can buy, my humble opinion of course. The Strymon Timeline which is thee KING of all digital delay pedals. And the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man TT (tap tempo), which I think we all agree is the greatest of analog delays. Oh we don’t all think that? The plug and play factor is strong with the Time Traveler but if you want to dig deeper than the surface and use some of its stellar features some study is necessary. On paper the explanations of how to use these features seems a little complicated. Once the pedal is in front of you the navigation and programing is alot easier than it sounds, so no need to let that discourage you.

Deep Features Unparalleled

Not only can you store 10 bpm programed presets, but you can also store subdivisions. For example you can store 80 bpm and have the pedal send out a dotted eighth signal. This is great for delays that only have a 1/4 option, or that do not have preset saving options. The subdivision options are 1-4 (quarter note), 1-8 (eighth note), 1-8. (dotted eighth note), and 444 (triplet quarter note). Other notable features are selecting the amount of time for the preset to activate while switching, and the amount of presets saved.



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