Hello today we are looking at the different guitar parts for “Take What You Want” Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne. What a great guitar lesson this song makes. I found it interesting to see some younger people get introduced to Ozzy Osbourne. The reactions where both hilarious and sad… Oh and a whole new audience got Introduced to Posty. This morning I heard the news Ozzy is in the studio with Post Malones producer working on an entire album, which doesn’t feature rock star guitarist Zakk Wyldes. Ozzy reportedly saying he’s “Laying down some tracks and taking a new direction musically.” I have been a Ozzy fan since a young boy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this next record is absolutely legendary….. Time will tell, until then lets learn “Take What you want”

Different Guitar Parts

This song has many different guitar parts happening.

  • Opening Modulated
  • Distorted Rhythm
  • Solo/Lead

Opening Modulated

The first guitar part opens up the entire song with a very Eerie, dark feel. The modulation is a vibrato type effect. It almost sounds like a pitch shifter, maybe a EHX Pog or Digitech Whammy pedal. But you could get in the ball park with almost any modulation pedal, use your ears, especially for live performances. I suggest using a capo, the chords a much easier. But many of you will be performing this live, so I have included a tab without a capo.

Solo Lead Tone

The main distorted guitar tone doesn’t need to much talk, neck pick up and some dirt. But the solo has a lot happening. Most importantly bridge pickup, screaming lead tone, and then rocking a way way pedal rhythmically. The solo is out of the C#minor scale. Here is a great tab of the entire song including the solos.

Here is a spot on example of the solo

And here’s a great take as an instrumental using the melody, featuring some excellent phrasing.

Let me know if there are any other Post Malone or Ozzy songs you would like to see some guitar lessons on.


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