How It Works

Step 1

Contact us either by phone, email, or the “contact” page of the website.  We will send you a statement of your rights to the works we produce and our fees and policies.

Step 2

You send us an .mp3 of your song(s).  I prefer for the track to be recorded to a click track with a  2 measure click count in. After the count in, please remove the click. Also send any and all information about the song such as beats per minute, the key, and all creative elements you have in mind. You can also call us on the phone or via Skype for a consultation.

Step 3

You pay a studio reservation deposit fee of $40 via PayPal.

Step 4

I write and record your tracks and upload them to a password protected page on this website.

Step 5

I will send you a link to the specified webpage with personalized password where you will preview the tracks. At this point you can suggest as many modifications as desired for free. After reviewing the changes, each additional modification is $25. There is No Limit to how many modification you may make.

Step 6

After you are satisfied, complete the online payment of the balance of your charges via PayPal. By submitting this final payment, you are confirming your satisfaction with our services and there will be no refunds or modifications allowed after that point.

Step 7

We will then send your guitar or bass tracks, usually within 1 business day of complete payment, in the format of your choice via email or Skype; we recommend .wav format.

Step 8

Go and mix your project and make wonderful music. We will not seek any copywright or any royalities for the song after production.  Feel free to use the track in any or as many ways as you desire.  The only thing we ask is that you give Gaetano Capuano credit for the tracks on your record.

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