Student Spotlight for July Phil Critchfield

Our student spotlight this month is Phil Critchfield. He is progressing at an excellent speed and is developing his own style. This is an original composition written and performed by Phil Critchfield. I think he is really applying the concepts we have been talking about, while allowing his own expression to shine through brightly.

Way to go Phil, I’m proud of you.



What is the “Student Spotlight”?

The student spotlight is a concept we have developed that gives students a place to display what they have been working on. The Spotlight can be a milestone in a students musical journey. It is so rewarding to have a video, CD or mp3 to look back on and see yourself playing. The encouragement this brings is priceless. I encourage all my students to work out a piece to add to the spotlight. I will even help record and produce the piece. DVD’s are also available upon request. If you’re a student please ask how you can get on the spotlight today.


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