Choosing the Right Materials

I decided to put together a strat demo using 2 different, highly popular types of wood. I kept as many things identical in each example. the same neck, pickguard, amp and settings as well as everything in my DAW (sound card) settings and even mic placement for the amp.


Materials used

The neck is a Flame maple with rosewood fretboard, jumbo stew mac frets and a modern C profile.

The pickguard is loaded with Tone Emporium TE-12 pickups.

The amp is a Laney Cub 12r loaded with a Celestion Greenback, miced up with a e609 into Logic Pro. No post production effects where added.

The Body’s

The Ash body is a Fender Deluxe Players stratocaster. It has a vintage 6 screw style tremolo. This body has been refinished in a opened grain laquer finish.

The Alder body is a Fender American Standard in a poly factory finish. This uses a 2 point tremolo system, which I prefer. Also its that super nice Jade Pearl Metallic.

The tremolo is basically the biggest variable, besides the finishing techniques on each. I think the generally characteristics of each woods tonal quality still clearly shines through though.

Video settings

The first sound bit is opened arpegiated chords using the neck pickup. The second bit is the neck middle position doing some snappy blues type lines using a mix of rhythm and lead tones. Lastly the third bit is in the bridge (Humbucker) position. At this point I kick on the new Electro Harmonix OD Glove (OCD) which is my favorite heavy dirt circuit. Here I do big power chords and what not.

Check out the video and please drop a comment and share your thoughts.


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