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Hello Internet. I recently was very inspired by the Sequence filter in the Zoom G3. I cant say enough good things about the Zoom G series. The G5 and G3x have the same core processor and effects as the G3 so all this applies to the entire G series as far as I am concerned. The Sequence filter effects seemed cool but not very practical to me until the other day.

Sync it to the tempo

To get the best synth and pad type tones out of the sequence filter you want to set it to a tap division of your choice. For this video i have it set at a 16th note.   I am using pattern 7 on the Sequence Filter. The guitar is a Gretsch Tennessee Special, the Amp is a Vox Night Train 15 into a 1×12 cabinet loaded with a Weber Blue Dog Alnico mic’ed into Logic pro. I am getting some good results using the filter last in the chain with a few delays and reverbs running into it. I have it dead last in the chain in this video. This effect is modeled after the ZVEX Seek Wah I assume. Instead of being able to choose the parameters on 8 different knob, which are the sequence steps, the G series has 8 different patterns available. It also has a High pass low pass option for even more creativity. The possibilities with this one effect are HUGE! I hope this video inspires your creativity. Please share any cool clips or songs you may write with this effect!!



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Lou DeMarco · February 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Love this effect.. I’m going to try it tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

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