Review Player Series Stratocaster

Today we are looking at the new “Player Series strat from Fender. I had a HSS plus top come into the shop for a set up. Keep in mind this is a brand new guitar, with the price tag of $600 plus, so it really shouldn’t require a set up. The client did buy it from a music store so perhaps its not a direct reflection of Fenders non USA models. Regardless this guitar required a full set up.

This one is in a nice Aged cherry, with a flam maple veneer and a maple fretboard. After a good set up it really is a “player.” The modern C shape neck is so comfortable, its very inspiring. As for sound it has a great tone. Featuring Alnico pickups this axe has all those traditional strat tones. They are, however a little on the hot side, as I prefer vintage output single coils.

The instrument itself lacks a bit of sustain and low end compared to a roadworn USA standard. The low end and overall balance is not there. This is a great option for half the price tag of the American Standard. But if you can afford it I would not hesitate going for the American Standard.

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