Gretsch G5220 Jet – Casino Gold

Demo of the new Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet in Casino Gold. The look of this guitar is just stunning. I am a huge fan off all the Gretsch Jets. I personally liked the previous model of Electromatic Jet. But this new jet with mahogany body material is totally next level. I believe the basswood was the major downfall in the previous lector jets. The change to blacktop Filter’Trons was amazing. Now they hit us with a new flavor of Filter’Tron, and upgraded the body material!! Oh and they took the terrible “Electromatic” word off the headstock! SEXY

For this demo the amp is a Laney Cub 12r, plugged into low channel with the gain maxed and volume at 3. This amp is loaded with a Celestion Greenback and the Mic is a e609, plugged directly into DAW. No post processing of any kind was used. For this demo there’s no effects, just good old fashioned juicy tubes getting smashed! These Broad’Trons are so dynamic, WOW! Truly clear, crisp, yet deep and ballsy!

WOW on the Broadtrons!



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