I crafted this Ambient guitar track to demonstrate my “Infinite Sustain” technique. The song features heavy use of the Particle Verb reverb effect from Line 6. For this track I’m using the Line 6 M9, but this effect can be found on various other Line 6 pedals such as the Helix and M13. I have employed this technique with the HD500, as can be seen here. I will also post the HD500.

No synth or keyboard was used in the making of this track. This song contains one unedited guitar track (as seen in video), 1 bass guitar track, and multiple drums tracks and kits…… No keyboards of any kind where used. The Particle Verb and sustain technique are handling all the pads and ambient sounds…… Notice how I am using infinite sustain technique, the expression pedal is controlling the “Dwell Parameter” of the Particle Verb. When I push the expression pedal down it maxes out the “dwell” or sustain on the Particle Verb. Dreamy clouds of reverb for days and days……. and nights and nights….


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