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Custom Professional Guitar and Bass Tracks Online

We offer an online system that allows you to get custom tailored, written and recorded guitar and bass tracks without the headache of travel, studio booking, hiring and paying a session musician, and all the other expenses and hurdles of traditional studio situations. With this system everything can be sent entirely over the internet.  This is a very convenient, low overhead alternative that is great for hobby producers and busy professionals alike. Your satisfaction is our priority. Take your original, custom recorded songs to the next level with professional guitar and bass studio tracks.

With material as sensitive as original music, we realize the importance of the product to each and every client. That is why we allow as many modifications as you feel necessary until you are 100% satisfied. This means that you get to give all the input you desire and can be completely involved in the development of the guitar and bass lines going into your project. This system is designed to put you in the driver’s seat as much or as little as desired. Skype consultation is available to communicate these visions for your project.

Whether you are a busy producer, an aspiring hobbyist trying to follow in Dr. Dre’s footsteps, a worship leader looking to record some of your most loved originals, a DJ putting together your live set, an independent artist working on your next CD, or any place in between, we are ready to work with you.

Songwriting – Soundtracks – Custom Tracks

  • Record Custom Guitar and Bass Tracks
  • Add Color and Flavor to Your Songs
  • Compose and Create Songs
  • Intro’s, Solo’s, Melodic lines, Signature Riffs
  • Creative Consultation
  • Arrangement and Creative Ideas
  • Single Song Composition and Soundtracks
  • Jingles and Trademark Sound Bites
  • Online Recording Studio
  • Backing Tracks
  • Demo’s


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We proudly use Logic Studio, Abelton live, and Pro Tools for all of your recording needs!


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