Myth Busters? the DD-5 is the best digital delay ever…..

Myth Buster? It seems in some circles the Boss DD-5 is thought of as the holy grail of digital delay tones. I have had trouble understanding this. They say it cuts through the mix like no other. I know that alot of times some absolutely absurd ideas and concepts can quickly become truth by the right mislead guitar player endorsing it. So i figured I would see exactly whats so special about the DD-5 and how the DD-20 compares to it tonally. I also wanted to see if I could get the same tone out of the DD-20 with some tweaking.

DD-5 sounds great

The first thing I noticed was undeniably the DD-5 does sound great. Very crisp, clean, and dynamic. I obviously figured I would need to use the “Standard” setting on the Boss DD-20 to match this tone. Also I eventually found that the tone knob on the DD-20 needs to be at around 4:00 to match the tone. The DD-5 has no tone knob and its almost like it default is dimed, maybe that’s why it cuts through the mix so nicely. Also because of the sharp character of the DD-5’s repeats the delay level knob needs to be adjusted differently than the DD-20’s. All in all I think the video catches all of this nicely. I jsut tweak away in a few minutes right on the video and I think I basically nailed the same tone.


Video info

Both delays set to Dotted eighth setting synced with the same tap tempo pedal, the DD-5 seems to take it just a hair faster, but that probably something to do with my chord length from the tap switch.

I start right from the gate with the DD-20’s level knob a little higher than the DD-5’s, trying to get them to match up volume wise. I tweak the DD-20’s level jsut a bit too to match em up properly.

Both are set for just one repeat.

DD-5 has no tone knob, and I start the video with the DD-20’s tone knob flat and tweak from there.

The amp is a Laney Cub 10 mic with my studio condenser, guitar is a Epiphone Sheraton II with GFS Mean 90 pickups.



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