In part one I explained what reverb and modulation is. Here in part 2 lets get a little bit more in depth on modulation and how it is controlled and applied.


Vibrato is a modulation effect that bends the pitch of the tone up and down, as if you are pulling on a whammy bar. So the depth controls how much of a push and pull on the whammy bar, and the rate controls how fast you are pushing and pulling. As you can image as small bit of this is very nice and subtle, but too much and you can sound like an out of tune space ship.

The Reverb

The beauty of modulated reverb is it leaves your original signal un touched, but the decay, or echo, of the reverb is effected with a modulation of some sort. Modulated effects, including reverb, have all kinds of applications for many different instruments, but since this is a guitar blog we will stick to the guitar aspects of them. Most times I dont want and modulation on my original guitar signal, but with a nice deep, slow modulations on my reverb the decay can be very pad like. It really fills up the sonic space of a mix and provides an excellent bed of clouds for your guitar signal to rest upon.


There are a few guitar pedals available that offer modulated reverb. The list of them is as follows, Digitech Hardwire RV-7, Boss RV-5, Boss GT-10, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail, Eventide Space, Line 6 Verbzilla & M- series, and the Strymon Blue Sky reverb. There may be more, but these are the ones I can think of. And each Share similarities and differences in character and style of modulation. Some have a flange, some have a chorus, some even give off an upper harmonic type of overtone. Also some audio DAW software offers a modulation option on their reverbs. my favorite is Abelton Lives with a modulation option. I also really dig the “Flange verb” preset offered in Ableton Live 8. It has a wonderful swooshing flanged out reverb effect. It reminds me alot of the Electro harmonix Holy Grail reverbs “Flerb’ effect. But it is more tweak able and the depth and rate are alot more tasteful in its original settings. The EHX Flerb does not get alot of use as a modulated reverb because it is so ridiculously over the top, nonetheless it is still a modulated reverb. A Modulated reverb at its most dramatic saturated with a crazy flanger effect.


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