What is Reverb?

Reverb is an audio effect that results from reflective sound bouncing off walls or other objects. The neatest example I can think of is if you go to the top of a mountain, surrounded by other mountains, then clap your hands or shout a phrase. Seconds later you here kind of a repeat of your phrase or hand clap. This is reverb. It is very similar to delay. Reverb is an excellent effect used on guitar to give a spatial sound. It can also be used in over the top like applications to make the guitar sound ambient and spacey. This is the application we are looking at today, modulated reverb

Modulated Reverb

Modulated reverb is a reverb effect seasoned with some (any) form of modulation. Like Chorus, Vibrato, or Flange. There are a few guitar pedals available that offer this effect, Hardwire RV-7, Boss RV-5, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail, Eventide Space, and the Strymon Blue Sky reverb to list all that I can think of currently. There may be more, but these are the ones I can think of. And each Share similarities and differences in character and style of modulation. Today I have compared the 2 most common, readily available, and cost effective, the Boss RV-5 and the Digitech Hardwire.

Digitech Hardwire Rv-7 Stereo Reverb

The RV-7 is from Digitechs Hardwire series of pedals. I am seriously impressed with all the Hardwire pedals I have played, and the RV-7 is no exception. The quality of reverbs and options that the RV-7 have make it a superior pedal to the RV-5. But today we are not talking what is the better pedal we are talking specifically about the modulated reverb. The Modulate mode of the RV7 has more of a Flange characteristic to it. Long, deep, wet swooshing type of tone. Very bouncy and warm. Its level and tone is not as pronounced as the RV-5 as you will see in the video. Even with the RV-7’s level maxed its reverb was not as loud or pronounced as the RV-5s on halfway.

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

The Boss RV-5 is sort of the industry standard in modulated delay, and as far as I know the first guitar effects pedal to offer this effect. The modulated reverb of the RV-5 is very spacey, heavenly, and has sort of a thick pad like tone to it. It really is a beautiful thing. It is very pronounced and present. Its like it sprays air and harmonics with a nice smooth chorus effect of the reverb. All this smeared at once into this beautiful reverb decay. Somehow it also seems to give off an octave up type harmonic quality on the reverb. In my opinion the RV-5 is the victory strictly for modulated reverb purposes.


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