Hello and thanks for tuning in. Today we are looking at the new Miley Cyrus song “Slide Away.” The song makes a great guitar lesson. This particular guitar part is very simple, as its basically 3 chords. Though the part is simple, its very effective, less is definitely more on this song. The only thing missing is a tasty guitar solo. Anyhow the video below is a great demonstration of exactly how to play the chords.

Flangers and Reverb oh my

From a guitarists perspective, what interesting about Slide Away is the effects used. I will share with you what effects to use on your guitar to get this exact tone. Additionally if your a Guitar Rig 5 user you may email me through the contact page and I will send you the preset.

EHX Electric Mistress Flanger

If you play this part dry, ie no effects just pure guitar, its gonna sound very thin. First dial in your flanger. For pedals an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress, or Stereo Mistress will really get you there. Dial in a light to medium depth, and a slow rate. If you have a Phaser you can get the tone too. In the guitar rig preset I was able to match the tone using both a flanger or a Phaser.

Long Reverb

Next you will want to dial in your reverb. You want a pretty long tail, but you don’t want the level to interrupt your dry guitar tone. You looking to hear all your picked notes while a bed a reverb fills the background. I was not thrilled with the spring in GTR5, but used it for examples sake. So many better options for reverb.


Lastly you want a nice compressor first in your chain. Set the sustain to light or medium. Choice of guitar is also vital in this. On the record its a Fender Stratocaster. But you can get there with a tele or Gretsch. The GTR5 patch is set up for a Strat style guitar.


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