Line 6 Verbzilla=$149.00 Behringer RV600=$49.00


I was a good bit curious of just how similar these two units were. So, I bought one of each and made this video. At first, I thought the Verbzilla would wipe the floor with the RV600, but there are some things where the Behringer

is a bit better. The Shimmer is a bit stronger and pronounced on the RV, stronger as it pops in the mix a bit more, yet, it also sounds a bit more digital and fake. It also seems to struggle a slight bit more with tracking than the Verbzilla. Also, some of the deep reverbage has a little more air and spaceyness to it. Like the Pla

te, reverb seems to have a deeper, spacious sound to it. The verbzilla is overall a little more clear and full sounding, more organic somehow. The echo setting of the Verbzilla is considerably nicer, fuller, lusher and clearer. For this echo alone, the Verbzilla is a great pedal. It has sort of a warmer analog delay sound, a bit muddier, but really nice for what it is and will add a lot at the end of a signal chain set up for swells. I think the RV600 has better, more convincing Spring reverb sounds. Both of these pedals do suck some tone, and if you engage the trails setting the tone suck is unacceptable. The Verbizilla does shave a better bypassed tone than the RV600, but not by much. After

this long series of comparing my conclusion is they are the same exact circuit, but the Verbzilla is housed in a stronger enclosure, and probably has some higher quality components. But look at the price tags, watch this demo, and you be the judge. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


My signal chain in this video is as follows; Raven West Les Paul>Verbzilla>RV600>Garageband



Ricardo · January 27, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Thanks for the review!

Peter · May 28, 2012 at 3:49 am

Nice review Dude
because i need a shimmer
i order the behringer today and i’m curoius about it 🙂

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