We are looking at a new song by Iration called Danger feat. J Boog and Tyrone’s Jacket. This song has a great feel and the groove is moving! It is also sporting a few killer features, I love verse 2! The main rhythm of the song is a F#m – E – F#m – C#m four chord progression. This two bar progression plays throughout the song. This rhythm part makes this a great easy Reggae song for a beginners to learn. And for the more advanced guitar players try mixing in the lead guitar while hoping back on the rhythm part without losing the beat.

The Groove Feels

The feel off this song is straight Irie! A heavy swing and guitar hits on the and of every beat. I have shown the tab with the most simple shapes available for these chords. They are basically the top strings off an E shape barre chord. You could play around with fragmented or inverted A chord hand shapes as well. Another tip would be to fret the whole bar chord even if your striking just the top three strings. This can be useful for A shapes if your just starting to learn your different chord shapes. If you can memorize songs by there progressions remembering them becomes a lot easier. The lead line can be clearly heard on the fifth measure of the intro.

The Lead Line

I hear three main guitar parts on the recording. The main rhythm, which may even be played by a keyboard only, the lead guitar line, and a super reverb drenched part similar to the lead line playing some choice 16th note variations. I have tabbed the main lead line, listen for the reverb part I am describing. If you have any question or comments drop them below!




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