Here is yet another amazingly anointed song from the psalmists over at International House of prayer in Kansas City. I am so excited about what is taking place there, 24/7 night and day prayer and worship before the King. Some of the songs that are coming forth from this prayer room are really special fresh from heaven.

Theory and technique

For the guitar parts it appears he is using arpeggios, but played in such a way with the delay and modulated reverb that it really sings as the signature part or melody of the song. It can be a little tricky to pull off live at church, but once you get the feel of the groove it should fall into place nicely. It is important to try and keep a steady tempo while playing this song. a click track is strongly recommended and try to keep the delays in sync with the tempo of the song. I have only tabbed out the main guitar riff.

Effects and settings

The main effect on the electric guitar is a galloping delay. A galloping delay is two different delay effects each set at a different rhythmic intervals which produces a galloping sound or feel. Think 16th’s and dotted notes here. Sixteenth notes are counted 1 ee and a, so a galloping delay will have its delay at the and plus also the a for an example. There are various other note values to set up a galloping delay but this is the most common. (If this is a little confusing feel free to contact me and I can help you with it) Set your delays at a dotted eighth and a quarter note, or dotted eighth and eighth note, maybe even try a quarter note and dotted quarter note, and run them in parallel. Experiment with these different settings because I have not figured it out 100% so use your ears and please let me know what you think.  There is also a modulated reverb low in the mix but set long on the time. Also maybe set a compressor so your notes kind of jump in the mix through all the verb and delay. These are just the effects and rough settings I hear on the studio version. It is important not to get hung up on trying to sound exactly like Seth Yates, the guitarist of this song, because i believe we are all called to carry and release our own sounds. Kind of like our own voices that the Lord has given us individually to praise him with.  With that being said it is very educational to study great guitarist like Seth Yates to learn how he is using these different effects to create the different feels and sonic textures and atmospheres, so we can take these concepts and techniques and apply them to our own playing and songs. In a way to help us develop our own voice and express the sounds placed inside of us.

Bass Guitar

For the bass guitar it sounds very cool if you do the minor arpeggios of the chords. I do this on the bass if I am playing this song on a team where the electric is not playing the melodic part. It really adds something nice and gives the song kind of a different feel then with the effected electric guitar is playing the main riff. Probably not a great idea for a bassist to try and throw in these arpegios if the electric guitar is pulling off the riff, maybe sparingly.

Holy Tab download here.

BPM 70

Dm                          Gm                            F                    Am









Here is a video of how I play it.




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