MDF Cabs

I have heard alot of talk around the guitar player hot spots of the internet. Talk about this material is garbage to use for speaker cabs, and this material is the best, that material has no tone etc etc. I recently aquired a 2×12 cabinet made of MDF. I really dig this cab and I think it sounds great. But over on the forums the general consensu is MDF sounds terrible, it is brittle, and will dissolve with moisture. I began to wonder how true any of this is. Guitar players can believe some of the silliest stuff passed off as absolute truth. I could tell right away the part about MDF sounding trrible was false. The stuff of urban legend. But how durable is it?

How durable is it?

The main argument is that it will fall apart and in just a little moisture will somehow dissolve and turn into a pile of dust. These immediately seemed like foolishness. I modded this particular 2×12 MDF Cabinet to be opened back so I took the piece I cut out of the closed back and left it out on my back porch, in a rain storm, full exposed to the elements. It was not in direct rain, as my porch has a roof over it, but it did get plenty of water on it as you can see in the photo. I then left it out, in direct sunlight, in the middle of my yard completely exposed to the elements for 3 days. i live in Southwest Florida where we have extreme humidity and moisture.

Its Still in One piece!

After 3 days and nights in the elements the piece is exactly as when I took it out of the cab. Just as strong as ever too. not to mention normally this material will be covered by some sort of protective layer like tweed or whatever particular cab you may get.


I have to say, this concept is absolutely bunk! And other sources, besides posts written by snobby guitar players, mention MDF as the MOST durable material available to build speaker cabinets. At the same time being extremely economical. MYTH BUSTED!


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