Expert custom written Guitar and Bass lines completely online

GLS Studios, a branch of Guitar Lessons of Sarasota, offers online Custom Guitar and Bass tracks for your original songs, demos, or productions. Not only are we skilled at playing the guitar and bass, but also writing guitar and bass lines to fit into any arrangement. Whether you need a screaming guitar solo or a chill, laid back bass line, GLS Studios has exactly what you are looking for. Technology is so advanced now we can write, record, and send your custom tailored guitar and bass tracks completely over the internet, you never have to leave your home. Now that is convenient!

How does this work?

So how does this work you may be asking. You send us your songs or arrangements, it could even be a scratch track, in mp3 format via email, skype, soundcloud or some other audio sharing website. Tell us what you are wanting to be done creatively with your piece of music. We download your project. Load it into our recording studio software (Logic or Abelton) and began to write out the guitar or bass parts to custom fit your project. We usually will have your tracks done within two business days, and sometimes sooner. Once we are done with your song we send you the guitar and bass tracks as separate files in whatever digital format you request. You are then free to take the tracks and mix them into your project on your own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or bring them to whomever you choose to mix them and produce your record. This system is extremely convenient and inexpensive compared to the traditional situation of having to pay a studio engineer for the studio time, having to pay studio musicians to create and record the tracks for you while on the studio time also being paid for. You get the picture.

What if I want to make changes to the Guitar or Bass Parts?

We offer a services called “modifications.” A modification is an opportunity for the client to give feedback, guidance and make any changes or tweaks to the guitar and bass parts. The first modification is free, and there is no limit to the amount of modifications that can be made on any track. We want all our clients to be completely satisfied.

Here are some examples of our work



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