G Dorian Jam track

Here we have a fresh backing track for you to practice your Dorian licks. This piece has a nice funky pocket, and its driven heavily by the drums and bass. There is plenty of sonic room for all your beautiful guitar work. I hope this track inspires you to work on your phrasing and overall rhythmic lead work in the Dorian mode. The backing track is technically in the key of F, though an F chord is never played. 

The main progression is a 2 chord vamp, G minor to C major. A D minor gets added in during the second movement. The F chord is never played. The bass is swing around the chords also with heavy arpeggio playing.

.The relative minor of F is D, so we can also run D pentatonic over this if you wish. If you are one of my students I want you to practice this with Dorian, as well as pattern 4 of the D pentatonic scale. Notice how the 2 patterns connect. This can be used not only to transition up and down the neck of the guitar, but also as a landing place on its own. now to build on pattern 4 notice the notes from the dorian scale that are omitted? Now add those notes for even more options.

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