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Here is an in depth, clear, precise instructional video we made to help you master the advanced technique of the finger vibrato. Don’t be fooled by the name, the finger actually does not have the main part in properly producing this technique, the real work lies in the arm and wrist. A finger vibrato is basically used to spice up the sound of lead guitar phrases and solos. It is a very precise movement that bends and alters the pitch of a note very rapidly. BB King is considered a master at this technique and a large part of his personal sound is owed to this. There are also effects on the market that can produce this kind of tone. These effects are classified under the term modulations and there are many different effects in pedal form available to mimic this tone. Modulation effects are generally used to add depth and dimension to your sound. The sound ┬ácan also be described as “wet”, “liquifying”, or “washed out”. But, none sounds as clear, organic and inspiring like a good old fashioned finger vibrato.





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