Eminence RedCoat Ramrod 10″

We are looking at the Eminence Ramrod 10″ 75 watt speaker. The Ramrod is part of the RedCoat series of speakers put out by Eminence which seeks to capture some classic British tones.buy cialis The Ramrod does not disappoint! They sound great in many amps from the Marshall camp over to Fenders styles.

the Tone

I would say this is one of the biggest sounding 10″ speakers I have ever heard. This is probably the most 12″ sounding 10″ speaker available. The low end bass this speaker puts out is incredible. Very thick, beefy, and strong in the bass department, something most 10″ speakers are lacking. The high end treble is very clear and at times sparkly . In my Laney Cub 10 it really helps to pronounce the bell like qualities of the amp. It handles a good jangly clean decently but it really shines at driven tones. I would say if your a prominently clean tone player look for another speaker. But if driven tones, form light gain to medium gains, is your thing this is a great choice in a 10″ speaker. Especially if your a little intimidated by the smallness of a 10″ speaker which can sometimes sound little and wimpy.

Scooped Mids

While the highs are clearly articulated, and the low end maintains a very strong presence with this speaker, the mids seem to be scooped a bit. There seems to be that Marshall type voicing in the mid range with these speakers. Its tough to clearly articulate, so I think to best understand what I am trying to say you will need to check out the audio clips. I have never had this speaker in a Marshall Class 5, but I bet it would kill in that amp!

Comparable to a Celestion G12H-30

I have heard others say that this Ramrod is comparable to the Celestion G12-H30. I cant completely confirm this because I have not had a G12-H30 on hand in 2 years or so. But I can see how some would say that. I would love to compare them side by side some how though. It does seem a little unfair to compare any 10″ speaker with a 12″ speaker but it could be fun. If anyone knows of a demo comparing the two please shoot me a link because I would love to see that.

I have demo clips of this speaker inside a Laney cub 10, 2 6v6’s & 2 12ax7’s 10 watt amp, and in a Vox AC4TV10, 1 EL84 & 1 12ax7 4 watt amp. Two different camps. Also this Ramrod is 8 ohms. Enjoy!

Ramrod; Laney Cub 10 Cleanish

Ramrod; Laney Cub 10 Driven

Ramrod; Vox AC4tv10 Slight Break up