Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb

I got the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb pedal a few days ago. My first impressions were not all that great. I was comfortable with a very simple reverb pedal coming from the TC Electronics Hall of Fame, which has minimal amount of controls to dial in. That plus the size and price of the Cathedral gave me a really bad first impression. I put it on my board as soon as it came in the mailbox and went right to band practice. This was a bad idea. I was less than pleased with the out come.

It was not until 2 days later that I really began to get the hang of it. The controls are a little tricky having a reverb time, feedback and pre delay options. Pre delay acts like the other reverb pedals do, but the reverb time and feedback knobs work in a way that almost gives you a 3 dimensional control to mold your reverb tones. Very nice indeed! Sometimes it really pays to use things you are not comfortable with to expand your horizons.

I have to say this thing has outstanding reverbs, from moderate applications, to soaking wet ambient and everything else in between. Also the Infinite repeat option sets this pedal apart and makes it a GREAT pedal. EHX really smashed into new territory with this one!

OK guys, I made a video demonstrating the Cathedral infinite repeats function! This is my tweaked out Flerb setting, the settings are shown in the video, really not flerb in the traditional “Holy Grail” sense as I have dove into the filter matrix while tweaking it. The Filter Matrix is half of what the tone/damper knob controls in the flerb setting, the other half controls the rate of the Flange.

I used to think about how great a tweak able flerb could be while using a Holy Grail. Then I found the “flangeverb” preset in Abelton Live 8. I tweaked the snot out of that and it was great. But I think I like this tweak able Flerb in the Cathedral much better.

In this video I am using an Raven West Les Paul guitar, Laney Cub 10 tube amp, and a CAD condenser mic. For pedals I am engaging a Zoom G3, Boss DD-20, Behringer US600 (Boss PS6 clone but tracks better from what I can tell) and the EHX Cathedral.

The pedals are set up as followed;

Zoom G3

1; Auto Swell

2; Analog Delay

3; Pitch Delay  (this is kind of like a shimmer type thing, the delay repeats are pitch shifted up in octave or 5th intervals)


Boss DD-20; Modulated Delay set on dotted eighth


Behringer US 600; set to +1 octave


EHX Cathedral; Flerb setting with exact settings shown in the picture on this page.

Here is another clip of the Cathedral with the same combination of effects with a high quality audio file. Only thing different about this clip is in addition to the Laney Cub 10 I am also using an AC4TV10 and an original AC4 into a 2×12. So 3 amps, Cub 10 and AC4 2×12 in stereo out of the Cathedral, and the AC4tv coming out of the R output of the Zoom G3.


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