Make it Rain

Make it Rain tabs

Make it Rain tabs

I heard this song for the first time on the Voice the other night. I loved it. I have been an Ed Sheeran fan ever since I found out about his live looping skills. That mixed with his genuine lyrics and I was hooked. Apparently this song is not officially released yet, at least the Sons of Anarchy album is not, but this song can be purchased separately off itunes. I dont watch Sons of Anarchy so I dont know if this is the main theme song or what, but its very cool either way.

Song structure Breakdown

this song is in a 12/8 time signature and the basic chord progression remains the same through out the song. The progression is a iv  i  V7  Its in the Key of G#Minor. The lead melody is out of the G#Minor pentatonic pattern 1 in the 4th position. And for the solo I use pattern 1, 3 and 4 of the pentatonic scale. Its also important to note on the studio version there is another lead guitar that comes in harmonizing the melody line also.

Effects and Tone

I am aware Ed Sheeran has played this song live a little bit acoustically, looping it excellently like he does. But the studio version uses all effect laden electric guitars. Most notably is the effects on the rhythm guitar, and thats what we will talk about. In the video I use a Spring Reverb and a tremolo. You want to make sure the tremolo is set at a quick enough speed, and the depth not to deep, use your ears. I would guess in the studio they used a fender amp with its great Spring Reverb and its on board Vibrato (tremolo) Probably a Deluxe reverb from some golden era. Also has a good bit of break up on it. A fender type guitar is the tone, a stratocaster but you can come close with a telecaster if you need to. The first video I show how to play it, the second video I show the effects needed. I think we will also post a video of the studio version as well. Also to down load the tab right click on the picture and save it to your computer.


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