Whammy V

I have always loved Tom Morello’s style of playing. It was on the first Rage Against the Machine record that I first encountered the Whammy pedal sound. This Whammy V is the latest release of this iconic pedal. It does not disappoint.

Classic or Chords mode

This version five has 2 options, or voices to run this pedal. Classic mode or Chords mode. Classic is the traditional whammy voice which is monophonic and has very quick tracking, amazing for lead lines and the like. Chords mode is polyphonic and can handle chords. I was extremely impressed with just how well this pedal handles chords. Hands down much better at tracking chorde than the boss PS-6. Chords mode is where it is at and really sets the pedal apart from the rest!

Drop Tune instantly

In chords mode this pedal is also a valid option for instant drop tuning. In the video I spend some time in the down 1 whole step setting. The tone is very pleasing and not metallicy or crappy like other pitch shifters on the market. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


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