Reggae Bass lines

Who does not love a good reggae bass line? This new wave a reggae often has a very funky, thumping, groove to it.  I have never heard of Chronixx until they performed on NBC on one of my favorite shows, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  They sounded excellent on the show and I decided I needed to do a lesson on the bass line. I also did a lesson on the main guitar part.  The first thing I noticed is the bass is not nearly as prominent and rich on the studio version as it was live on Fallon. This was very disappointing.

The Progression Dm Am

The main progression is Dm for 2 measure to Am for 2 measures. This is the core of the song. There is also one or 2 parts where they do a little stop or break. During the stops or breaks the bass does not really play anything depending on the version you are listening to. The bass line actually starts on the AND of the first beat. It basically runs through a minor arpeggio. Using fills out of the pentatonic minor for each chord. Check out the video its all in there.


Other good Chronixx songs?

Honestly this is really the only Chronixx song I am familiar with. I would love to hear from you, the reader, as to other good songs to look at and listen to. Any with exceptionally inspiring bass work? Leave a comment in the box and let me know.


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