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the Eminence Ramrdod, RedCoat Series 10″ Speaker Review With Audio Demos

Posted by spring-admin - January 25, 2012 - Amps, Cabs & Speakers, Gear Reviews

Eminence RedCoat Ramrod 10″ We are looking at the Eminence Ramrod 10″ 75 watt speaker. The Ramrod is part of the RedCoat series of speakers put out by Eminence which seeks to capture some classic British cialis The Ramrod does not disappoint! They sound great in many amps from the Marshall camp over to […]

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10″ Guitar Speaker comparison, Eminence Ramrod and Weber 10F150t with Video

Posted by Guy Capuano - November 7, 2011 - Amps, Cabs & Speakers, Gear Reviews

We take the Eminence RedCoat “Ramrod” 10″ guitar speakers and compare it to the Weber Ferrimax “10F150t” 10″ guitar speaker. Though I am unsure Weber still sells “Ferrimax” speakers, I could be wrong, i am certain they still sell the 10F150T. They may not call or label it Ferrimax like my speaker is though, same […]

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Guitar Speaker cabinets Myth Busters “MDF is garbage material for Cabinets” Fact or Fiction

Posted by Guy Capuano - October 26, 2011 - Amps, Cabs & Speakers, Gear Reviews, Myth Buster

MDF Cabs I have heard alot of talk around the guitar player hot spots of the internet. Talk about this material is garbage to use for speaker cabs, and this material is the best, that material has no tone etc etc. I recently aquired a 2×12 cabinet made of MDF. I really dig this cab […]

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Vox AC4tv10 combo Speaker comparison, Stock to Eminence Ramrod

Posted by Guy Capuano - October 24, 2011 - Amps, Cabs & Speakers, Gear Reviews

AC4tv10 Sounds Fantastic Stock,   but……….. I am a HUGE fan of the Vox AC4tv 10″ combo. I totally love this amp and when plugged in to my 2×12 cab it really SCREAMS! Even through the 10″ speaker it sounds beautiful and VOXY to the core. I have to say for a low wattage tube amp […]

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Myth Busters, New tubes in Guitar Amplifier compared to old tubes, with audio and video files.

Posted by Guy Capuano - October 20, 2011 - Amps, Cabs & Speakers, Gear Reviews, Myth Buster

Do new tubes really make a difference? Is all the talked of New Old Stock (NOS) tubes, being amazingly outstanding and worth all the money some people are willing to pay for them, a bunch of hot air? Or is there any truth to this situation? Then I got to thinking about changing tubes in […]

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