Boss GT-100 Ambient patch

Posted by Guy Capuano - January 8, 2014 - Boss GT100, Gear Reviews, Getting Schooled - No Comments

Hi guys I just got the Boss GT-100 and am really happy with it so far. The effects are definitely greatly improved over the much loved Boss GT-10. I did a quick video showing some of my ambient type tones I was getting. Hope you enjoy. I am using the Modulated delay, modulated reverb, sub delay and a little phaser at the end. This thing really delivers! I think I might even be happy with the amp models as well.

Quick things to note

Some things to note; the modulated delay has parameters to control the modulation, the modulate reverb goes up to 10 seconds, it has a mixer which allows to use dual signal paths and mixing of amp models together! Easy to cop that advanced the Edge “Magnificent gallop delay if needed, the pitch effects still suck for multiple notes at once, cocked wah is gone.

Notes about this patch

You will need to tap in your tempo in order to get these tones. You will need to play in rhythm to get the right feel, quarter notes and eighth notes. Most importantly use this patch as a learning tool to see how these tones are created then make your own patches and sounds.

I used the GT100 Librarian to export this but I never got along with the librarian for the GT10 so let me know if this sharing of patches works out for you. Click the link below I have attached the midi file, click the link and save page as.




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