There is much talk around the internet, on different forums and chat groups, about the Boss GT-10’s distortions and amp models. As far as the amp models go i do agree the GT-10 is not the head of its class. But when it comes to the drive and distortion models I feel quite differently.

I am a regular GT-10 user, as most of you know. I don’t use the amp models, neither do I use the overdrives or distortions in most scenarios. But when I do use the drives I am pleasantly surprised. Among my favorites are the “Natural” overdrive, the “OD-1”  and of course the RAT models. I have spent time comparing some of these pedals with the real deal, or boutique pedals of which I thought sounded similar, and have had some very interesting findings. This is the topic of today’s post.

Can the same exact tone from the BD-2 pedal be dialed in on the GT-10?

I took some time and dialed in a tone on the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal that I really liked. Its kind of a thick, kind of transparent saturated tone. Just how I like it. Then I decided to pull up the “Blues Driver” setting on the GT-10 and try to dial in the same EXACT tone with this outstanding machine. I was very surprised as to what my results where. Here is a 16 bit wav file of the comparison

BD-2 and GT-10 16 bit audio wav file Free Download


The GT-10 has a few tone shaping options the BD-2 does not

A few notable differences is the GT-10 has a few extra parameters to help further shape your tone, which really helps to hone in on specific sounds. There is a “Bottom” parameter, of which acts as a bass boost. This parameter is very useful as most od’s, like Tube Screamers and the like, can really lose it on the low end. I guess the reason the bass boost mod is such a popular one.

The “Direct” Parameter

And the other notable parameter is the “Direct” parameter. With this you can dial in as much, or as little or none, of the clean guitar signal coming through. Kind of like the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, but with the GT-10 you can do it to every drive available. Super nifty option to have and can sound really cool. For sake of the comparison here I have the direct knob at ZERO and the level knob acting as would a normal overdrive pedal, controlling the volume. Needless to say, once you get familiar with these parameters you can really began to have incredible tone shaping, or even creating, possibility’s! It really is outstanding!


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