P7040085_03-1 Guy Capuano, owner and instructor at Guitar Lessons of Sarasota, began his musical journey at the tender age of twelve, where he realized a passion within him to play the bass. He then started taking lessons from his personal instructor, Tim Gallagher, in Salem, NH. After sufficient time mastering the bass, he then continued to learn the guitar. In the heat of his early studies, Guy would spend as many as eight hours a day practicing and learning everything he could pertaining to the guitar and bass.

Since the early days of his studies, he has always had a passion to teach others how to play. It was this desire that first led Guy to share his knowledge and talents with some of the local teenagers when he was only fifteen. This passion matured and became Guitar Lessons of Sarasota. He has two amazing young sons who bring light and joy to the studio. Guy has played in many bands and is no stranger to the stage. He also works as a studio musician at GLS Studios, where he gets to use his skills and talents to serve aspiring artists and seasoned producers alike.

There is not one particular style of music he prefers most and holds to the philosophy of keeping an opened mind to be prepared for whatever opportunities and situations may arise. The things Guy loves most about teaching guitar is watching a student light up the first time they strum a chord and the joy that comes across their face as they play their favorite song for the first time. A sampling of some of his favorite music includes Jimi Hendrix, Misty Edwards, the Weeknd, Explosions in the Sky, and Tycho.