Guy Capuano is the main instructor at Guitar Lessons of Sarasota. Beginning his musical journey at the tender age of twelve, he realized a passion within to play the bass. Starting lessons immediately with Professor Tim Gallagher in Salem, NH. After sufficient time mastering the Bass he then continued on to learn the guitar. In the heat of his early studies, up to eight hours a day was spent practicing the instrument.

Former Students on Mtv

Since the early days of Guys studies, he has always had a passion to teach others how to play. It was this desire that first led Guy to share his knowledge and talents with some of the local teenagers in the neighborhood. This passion matured and became Guitar Lessons of Sarasota. Serving the Sarasota area, some former students have graced the big stages such as Mtv and VH1. Alumni of Guitar Lessons of Sarasota have even performed original music live on TRL.

Styles and Philosiphies

Holding a strong emphasis on originality and finding one’s personal musical voice, Guy specializes in nurturing an atmosphere of creativity. Striving to hold the philosophy of keeping an opened mind, the students at Guitar Lessons of Sarasota are training for whatever opportunities or situations may arise.

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