This is a jam tracking we made specifically for practicing blues bass lines. Its a Bass guitar backing track, 12 bar blues in the key of A, 12/8 time signature at 95 BPM. This is a full band style jam minus the bass. For an example of a good bass line to play you can check out the full backing track video uploaded right before this. Have fun and create some of your own bass lines.

Improve your rhythm and improvising

Try to catch the root note of the chord, one the 1, and come back to the root note once in a while. Be sure to hit the root when the chords change, and improvise running through a first finger 3rd finger box pattern. This will take your bass lines to a higher level. It will also help you get out of the rut of sounding like a noodler, or worse, a boring root rider. Employ the hammer on and pull off techniques we discussed previously. But most importantly have fun and express yourself through the instrument!


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