Bass Bridge Upgrade a Necessity?High mass bass bridge

I was recently very impressed with the demos of the current line of Fender Squire basses. In particular the Squire Affinity with the P&J pickup configuration. After looking over the specs I decided it was an excellent platform to mod, with the body being alder and the frets and neck being very playable. Not to mention the finish is killer (Metallic red). After the usual pickup upgrades and a few cosmetic mods I started considering a bridge upgrade. I was unsure what kind of results I could expect. So I decided to make a video documenting it. i scored an inexpensive High mass bridge off Ebay which seems to be a copy of the Japan Gotoh 401 hi mass bass bridge. On first look the bridge seemed very beefy, when held next to the stock bridge it was laughable how much bigger it was.


bass bridgeOn the scale the new bridge weighs 6.7 ounces. And the stock bridge clocks in at a wimpy 3.2 ounces. Wow over double the weight. I plugged my bass directly into the sound card. The amp modeling is amplitude 3, same exact settings for both takes. Neck pickup, full volume and full tone. I was surprised the biggest change I notice after watching the video is the tone. The stock bridge being a lot sharper and metallic sounding. The new bridge being a good bit warmer and rounder. Increased sustain can be felt actually playing the bass but that did not translate well in the studio surprisingly. The video is below please share you thought in the comment box.




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