I had these three great reverb options in my studio so I figured I better shoot a quick comparison video. Alot of people are asking the question, “Which is better, the Boss RV-5 or the TC Electronics Hall of Fame?” So I am seeking to help answer that question for you. But while I am at it I figure I should showcase the Zoom G3’s HD reverb, as I am completely impressed with the character and tone of the HD reverb. I should also note we are looking at the spacey, ambient reverb offerings on these pedals, not so much the traditional verb types, but if we were the Hall of Fame would win hands down, no questions asked.

Boss RV-5 Modulate Setting

This is the industry standard as far as modulated reverb goes. Rightfully so too as it is outstanding. Also I think it is the first offering of modulated reverb in a pedal format for guitarists, so naturally it is the standard. This setting is great, cant say much bad about it tonally. Where it falls short is the lack of tweak ability and the shorter decay time compared to its competitors. Alot of players want a set it and forget it type of reverb pedal, and for ambient I would say this is a great option.

TC Electronics Hall Of Fame Mod, Church, and Big Room with a View settings

This is the new toneprint series reverb pedal by the good people at TC Electonics. The whole toneprint thing is unprecedented and genius in my opinion. For this comparison we stick to the 3 settings of “Mod”, “Church”, and the “Big Room With a View” toneprint. As far as the HOF’s standard Mod setting I would say its not the most impressive available as the modulation rate seems a little fast and the depth a little too deep, but thank God for the toneprint options. The Big Room with a view setting is outstanding and it offers 20 seconds of decay time! Wow thats alot of decay! I also really like the “Church” setting, its not really modulated but it is big, spacey and lush. The TC really does a decent job leaving the clean guitar signal somewhat intact in the “long” pre delay setting, more so than the other 2 pedals. Plus the HOF has a world of possibilities, I wont even talk about the “Multi Mod” toneprint that allows you to choose between 3 different kinds of modulation on your reverb. The tone knob switches between different Modulations. The tone knob settings are as followed from left to right (clockwise) Classic Chorus, TriChorus, Adv. Flanger, Classic Flanger, Vibrato with a max decay of 20 seconds!

HD Reverb

This reverb is from the Zoom G3 stompbox modeling unit. I am using it because it is really spacey and at least deserves to be shown next to these other great reverb options. Yes alot of people already rule out this option while reading it because Zoom does not meet the standards in there head, but if you can get past your prejudices and hear with your ears I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If not no biggy.

Part 1


Part 2 With Delay


Felia · March 2, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Awesome tip! Always wondered about pre-delay on reevrb. Quick question though: I’m using a VST drums (Slate) and I also have a reevrb buss that I send certain instruments through (including the snare) to give the illusion that they’re sharing the same space. So I wonder how I should apply this to the snare do I put it on the actual (dry) snare track? do I put it on the room mic’ in my drum VST, which is the natural space’ of the kit? do I then take the snare out of my reevrb buss? Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Guy Capuano · March 2, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    I say put it on the room mic, but dont drench out the snare.

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