We take the Eminence RedCoat “Ramrod” 10″ guitar speakers and compare it to the Weber Ferrimax “10F150t” 10″ guitar speaker. Though I am unsure Weber still sells “Ferrimax” speakers, I could be wrong, i am certain they still sell the 10F150T. They may not call or label it Ferrimax like my speaker is though, same speaker as far as I know.

Weber 10F150t

The Weber 10F150t 10″ 50 watt speaker is known for being the BEST choice for speaker upgrades in the Fender Princeton amps. Princeton’s are known for there fantastic Fender style cleans. I figured this would make a great compliment to my Laney Cub 10 as I have often thought it very similar to a Fender Princeton. This speaker is real heavy and the magnet is GIGANTIC.

Eminence RedCoat Ramrod

The Eminence Ramrod 10? 75 watt speaker is part of the RedCoat series of speakers put out by Eminence which seeks to capture some classic British tones. The Ramrod does not disappoint! Some have said this is the biggest sounding 10″ speaker they have ever heard. I agree that it does sound big, bigger than some 12″ speakers I have heard.

2 Speakers on hand, lets compare

I had these two speakers on hand at the same time so I figured I would take this time to compare them in the same amp, with the same settings, and the same guitar. The amp is a Laney Cub10 all tube. And the guitar is a Telecaster with vintage wound single coil pickups.

The Weber only has around 4 hours of play on it at the time of this recording while the Ramrod is completely broken in, so lets keep that in mind.

The Amp settings are exactly as seen in this picture

Set up very clean, with a bit of power tube crunch coming through. The Cub10 has a tremendous amount of headroom for such a low watt amp. Also this telecaster has very low output humbuckers. In the video below the first speaker is the Ramrod, the second the Weber. please take a minute to listen and watch the video and drop a comment letting us know which speaker you think sounds better.




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